5s to 13s Summer Activity Day to Calshot

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On Thursday 30th August our 5s to 13s Befriending programme took 15 children and 7 volunteer befrienders to Calshot Activity Centre for a fun day out. The children and volunteers were picked up at St Peters Church and transported to Calshot in two minibuses provided by St Vincent de Paul Society.

During the day the children and adults were invited to engage in three amazing physical activities…..

Ringos; sliding very fast down a dry ski slope in a giant rubber ring!

Bouldering; low level rock climbing without a harness!

3G swing; being dropped from a great height whilst attached to a giant swing!

The children and volunteers had an amazing time and the activities pushed several individuals personal boundaries. One focus child said “Going on the giant swing has helped me face my fears!” and when asked if she wanted to do it again she immediately said “Yes and I want to go to the top next time!”

We had a lovely picnic lunch on the beach and scavenged for sea shells and lucky stones. There was also the opportunity to have a little paddle in the sea too! The day came to an end all too quickly but was rounded off with a refreshing ice cream and a good old sing-along on the journey back home to Winchester.