Bespoke Biking donate bike to focus child

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One of our 5s to 13s focus children has been donated a super second hand bike by a local not for profit, social enterprise organisation Bespoke Biking. Focus child Jack, had outgrown his bike a while ago so when an email from Heather Evans at Bespoke Biking came in saying they had some donated bikes available for re homing, Sam Hunt, our 5s to 13s Befriending Manager, made contact straight away. After a thorough safety assessment Bespoke Biking  generously allocated Jack a fantastic specialised bike that had been donated to them. Jack’s mum was thrilled that he has been given this wonderful gift for free and is very thankful for the opportunities it will give him to develop his self-confidence and become more independent.

Jack’s befriender Susan, who is also a keen cyclist, hopes the donated bike will enable them to continue with their weekly socially distanced visits more easily now that Jack is back at school. Due to COVID-19 Jack, like so many other children, has been unable to participate in a Bikeability course at school during the summer term. So to make sure that he is safe Susan has arranged to undertake some basic cycling proficiency activities with him before they embark on longer bike rides around Winchester.

Sam Hunt said “We cannot thank the whole Bespoke Biking team enough for their kindness and support. The dedicated work they do in Winchester helping local people realise how healthy, easy and fun cycling is, is amazing. They have certainly given Jack a wonderful opportunity to get out and experience the pleasure and freedom that cycling can bring!”