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Friday 12th February saw our third Family Fun Friday session for the 5s to 13 focus children, families and befrienders to have some fun playing BINGO!

Everyone participating had been provided with an individual bingo card and a Bingo Lingo sheet prior to session on Zoom. The tension mounted as the numbers were called until several focus children scored lines; but it was our Chair of Trustees, Karen, who called BINGO! first!

Once all the games had been played, Befriending Manager, Sam Hunt sent everyone off for a very quick scavenger hunt around their homes to bring back five everyday items that began with the letters B, I, N, G, and O. This yielded some common items such as bread and oranges as well as some interesting items including a blouse, napkins and an object from Peru! Everyone agreed that the scavenger hunt was great fun and something that they would like to do again at another Family Fun Friday Session!

All the children who participated in the Bingo session have been sent a bag of chocolate coins through the post as their winnings!