Friends of the Family Fortunes!

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Friends of the Family held their fourth Family Fun Friday on Friday 26th February with seventeen children, parents and volunteers joining in with a game of Friends of the “Family Fortunes” on Zoom.

The children and adults were divided into two teams and were pitted against each other to see who could find the answers to questions like “Name things that are yellow”, “Things you have on toast” and “What items would you take to the beach?”

As the game progressed it was clear that Team A had the upper hand but after 10 rounds Team B managed a last minute come back by winning a specialist round to “Name characters from Harry Potter” and at the final count there was only thirteen points between the two teams with Team A winning with 391 points!!

It was an enjoyable session made even more fun by the original buzzer sound effects when a question was answered right or wrong. Volunteer befriender Claire said “My focus child was overjoyed every time he had a correct answer! Great event and topics for the kids, I loved that we had the original buzzer noises too!” Another volunteer Peter said “It was a lot of fun, but above all it’s the fellowship that we get from being part of these sessions.”

Sam Hunt, 5s to13s Befriending Manger said “These Family Fun Friday sessions have been very popular and well attended by the children and volunteers. We are hoping that when restrictions ease we will be able to get back to having our face to face workshops again and the children and volunteers will all feel very comfortable and familiar with each other because of these virtual interaction opportunities we have provided.”