Gargoyles Galore!

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On Thursday 2nd Feb the 5s to 13s Befriending focus children and their volunteers were invited to a clay workshop at Winchester Cathedral. Twenty-one children and their befrienders listened attentively to the cathedral staff’s presentation about the amazing gargoyles and grotesques that have been protecting the cathedral from evil spirits for hundreds of years. They were then given the chance to play a game that created a strange gargoyle on paper before being let loose with the clay! The children and adults focused intently as they each created a gargoyle of their own to take home and share with their family and friends.

One focus child said, “I love my gargoyle he looks so funny with his tongue sticking out! It looks like my nan!”

A befriender said, “I didn’t think clay was my thing, but I have really enjoyed making my gargoyle with my focus child and we have decided that we would like to make more clay things together during our befriending sessions.”

Sam Hunt, 5s to 13s Befriending Manager, said “This fantastic workshop was facilitated by the Learning Centre staff at Winchester Cathedral. Both Emma and Asia were brilliant with the children and adults who both had the chance to explore the clay and create their own gargoyles.

Interestingly some of the befrienders were unsure about handling the clay but with the encouragement of their focus child they all participated and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

This has been another great opportunity for our focus children and their befrienders to explore the ongoing theme of wellness through creative activities and we cannot thank the cathedral staff enough for their support and kindness in facilitating the workshop.”